Advanced Bodywork Training


The Advanced BodyworkTraining was specifically designed by Buddhi Dana to upgrade your bodywork skills, offering an in-depth opportunity to learn, grow and expand your personal and professional practice. 

Although this training will dive into the deepest and most advanced aspects of Bodywork, exceptionally this program is open to everyone who has a deep desire and positive motivation – even without prior training or experience.

Course overview: 

* Communication tools – Establishing trust and creating safety

* Full-body Tantric Massage including different massage modalities

* De-armoring – Trigger points to arouse sexual pleasure and move emotions in the body

* Advanced Tantric Massage – Lingam and Yoni Massage

* The Polyvagal Theory and its applications during the session

* The Sympathetic and parasympathetic manipulation of the nervous system to change one's behaviors and expand their experience.

* Participants will alternate between giving and receiving sessions as part of the workshop

–== [ WHAT IS BODYWORK] ==– Bodywork according to Buddhi's approach is both healing- and spiritual practice that works with profound esoteric principles and knowledge to transform ourselves and others through wisdom and love. This sacred form of bodywork teaches us how to heal emotional wounds that are held in the body. It also allows us to remove energetic blockages to our sexual fulfillment, enhance our pleasure threshold, and expand our orgasmic capacity. This type of bodywork has innumerable benefits for our physical, emotional, mental, sexual, and spiritual well-being.

–==[ WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR] ==– ISTA P.T graduates, massage therapists, body-workers, and spiritual practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding and knowledge of bodywork.

–==[ ABOUT BUDDHI DANA]==– ISTA facilitator, International Tantra yoga teacher, workshops Leader, and holistic sexual therapist gifted with a natural ability to teach, guide, and lead his students to a deeper understanding of the body, the energetic system, and nervous system to reach a higher level of professional skills in bodywork.

–==[ WHEN AND WHERE ]==– This training will take place from September 19th to the 23rd at the beautiful Ashram of Love on Gozo-Malta, an island of the  Goddess Temples of Love since Neolithic times.

–==[ REGISTRATION ]==– How much does it cost and what is included?

The price Included: full board catering and hosting

comfortable, shared accommodations for 4 nights at the Ashram of Love

Private rooms can be arranged at an additional cost.

Excluded: transportation to and from the venue.

Price per participant: €1400

For more information, contact Isabell at or via WhatsApp: +356 7921 1043


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