Tantric Massage Weekend 17-19/1/20 @ Stokholm

Tantric Massage Weekend - Stokholm

The most pleasurable doorway to enter the world of Tantra weekend course for lovers. It's sensual, loving, and healing for the body and the soul. It creates a strong bonding, a deep connection and sweet intimacy. Tantric massage its for you.

The ancient Tantric tradition considers the human body to be a temple for the divine spirit. From this perspective, the Tantra has developed a massage that consecrate the body and the spirit, inviting the spirit to relax and body to an ecstasy. Another part of the Tantric massage has developed into a deep healing process of the emotional and physical layers of our sexual energy. It removes sexual and energetic blockages from the body and uprooting sexual dysfunction, like the inability to reach deep orgasm and erectile dysfunction.

During this weekend course you will learn:

– Full tantric massage for men and women

– Reflexological points of sexual energy in the body

– Sacred Tantric rituals

– Tantric Meditations

– methods for deepening the intimacy

– tools for increasing pleasure and raising the sexual energy in the body.

The course is a hands-on, practical, and experiential.

Workshop price:

– 5,000 SWK for a couple

– To registry for the workshop fill out the form below we will contact with you to get to know you and send you a link for registration.

The registration for the workshop is in pairs but does not address only to those who are in a relationship. If you feel the calling to learn the tantric massage and you are currently not in a relationship, you can come with a friend that you feel intimate enough for doing this work.

Schedule of the workshop:

 Friday 17/1-2020

14:00 Arriving and registration

15:00 Opening circle

15:30 melting into love

16:30 The energetic flow of sexual energy in the body

17:00 brake

17:30 tantric massage part 1

20:00 closing the day

Saturday 18/1-2020

9:30 tantric massage part 2

13:00 lunch

14:30 tantric massage part 3

17:00 brake

17:30 tantric massage part 4

20:00 closing the day

Sunday 19/1-2020

9:30 tantric massage part 5

13:00 lunch

14:30 full tantric session

18:00 closing the day


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